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      Top Pennsylvania & New Jersey Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect Legal Articles

      Millions Recovered in Personal Injury Cases in PA & NJ

      Pennsylvania and New Jersey Nursing Homes & COVID-19 Update

      Our law firm has been monitoring the coronavirus outbreak in nursing homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including the Philadelphia and the suburbs of Delaware County and Montgomery County. Nursing home residents are much more likely to succumb to a coronavirus infection. Nursing homes which fail to provide reasonable care may be held liable for deaths of residents. The most common issue right now is failure to prepare and respond to an outbreak. In addition, there are reports that nursing home employees are hiding information about COVID-19 infections. Family members are being lied to or ignored when requesting information about their loved ones.

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      The following PA and NJ nursing home abuse and neglect law library is brought to you by Namerow Law.  Our PA nursing home abuse law firm has done its best to include articles that discuss top legal issues in PA and NJ nursing home abuse/neglect cases. This legal library is for information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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      PA & NJ Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Legal Library

      • Suspect Abuse/Neglect in a Pennsylvania Nursing Home? Here’s What You Should Do When we place a loved one in a PA nursing home, we expect our loved one to be well taken care of. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are abused or neglected in PA. This article discusses steps you should take to protect your loved one if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect.
      • Abuse in Pennsylvania Nursing Homes – What is the Law? When family members discover that their loved ones have been abused or neglected in a PA nursing home, they often do not know the law pertaining to nursing home abuse cases. This article discusses Pennsylvania law which recognizes the right of a nursing home resident to seek financial compensation for injury resulting from abuse, neglect resulting in severe bed sores, or accidents such as a fall accident (i.e., fall from a bed).
      • Nursing Home Abuse & Assault – Civil Cases (Bringing a Lawsuit) Residents of PA and NJ nursing homes may suffer neglect and abuse. However, many cases are not reported for various reasons. Some fear that the nursing home may retaliate and they may suffer more. Others may suffer illnesses, such as dementia, which prevent them from reporting the abuse. Residents have legal rights and may bring a lawsuit against the nursing home.
      • Watching Over a Loved One in a Nursing Home in Pennsylvania Many times, family members may suspect that their loved one is abused or neglected in a PA or NJ nursing home due to unexplained bruises or severe bed sores. This article discusses 3 tips to help family members watch over their loved ones in PA nursing homes.
      • Evaluating Value in a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit in PA or NJ When deciding whether to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit in PA or NJ, one question that often comes to mind is whether it is worth it to pursue. Another question is, how much financial compensation can one recover? This articles discusses these issues and provides information to help them best understand the issues related to PA nursing home abuse cases.
      • Nursing Home Liability for Fall Accidents: Elements of a Negligence Case Against a Nursing Home It is not uncommon for PA and NJ nursing homes residents to be injured in an accident while in the nursing home.  Because most PA and NJ nursing home residents are elderly, they are often more susceptible to fall accidents.  If a resident is injured from a fall accident in a PA nursing home, is the nursing home liable?  Learn what an injured resident must prove in a negligent fall accident case against a PA nursing home.
      • Nursing Home Staffing Deficiencies in PA & Nursing Home Accidents and Injuries Unfortunately, PA nursing home residents may be abused and/or neglected.  Oftentimes, due to the nursing home’s neglect, accidents also happen and residents become injured.  The reason many PA nursing home residents are abused, neglected or suffer injuries from accidents is due to staffing deficiencies.  When nursing homes are not adequately staffed, residents often suffer, i.e., not receiving the care required, not being fed, etc.  Neglected or abused residents have legal rights against PA nursing homes.
      • Hip Fractures in Elderly Residents of Nursing Homes in PA & NJ One of the most common types of injuries a nursing home resident in PA and NJ suffers from is hip fractures.  Hip fractures often result from fall accidents.  Because most residents in PA and NJ nursing homes are elderly, the risk of them falling is much higher.  When elderly residents suffer a hip fracture, they often have a difficult time recovering and are often at risk of developing severe limitations in physical function.
      • Wrongful Death Claims in Pennsylvania Nursing Home Injury Lawsuits PA nursing home residents may die as a result of being abused or neglected in the home.  As such, surviving family members have legal rights against the nursing home.  Surviving members may feel a sense of guilt because they placed their loved ones in a nursing home and may not explore their legal remedies.  Some family members are misinformed about their legal rights.  Therefore, it is best to talk to a PA nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss how to pursue justice on behalf of a loved one.
      • Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse in PA or NJ – What to Look For If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected in a PA nursing home or a NJ nursing home, there are things you can look for while visiting your loved one.  One of those things includes evidence of physical injury.  Another thing to look for is a change in your loved one’s demeanor.

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      Resources Related to PA & NJ Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Cases

      Pennsylvania Department of Health

      Complaints for Nursing Homes

      If your loved one is in a Pennsylvania nursing home or long-term care facility and you have a complaint about the nursing home, call the PA Department of Health’s Nursing Home Hotline.  You can call 24 hours a day.  Toll Free: 800-254-5164

      You have the option to leave a voicemail message.  If you do, make sure to include the name of the facility, the specific issue you are complaining about and any details related to the complaint.  You may leave your contact information and someone will return your call to discuss your concerns.  Your identity will not be released.

      If you do not wish to leave a message, you may file your complaint online 2 ways:

      • email the complaint to c-ncomplai@pa.gov, or
      • complete the online complaint form.
      • send mail to:
        Division of Nursing Care Facilities Director
        Pennsylvania Department of Health
        Division of Nursing Care Facilities
        625 Forster St., Room 526, Health and Welfare Building
        Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
        Fax: 717-772-2163

      After a complaint is received, an investigation will be conducted.

      Complaints for a Personal Care Home or Assisted Living Facility

      If you have a complaint about a Pennsylvania personal care home or an assisted living facility, call 877-401-8835.

      Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General

      You can report nursing home abuse to the Department of the Auditor General.  You will be referred to the proper authorities.  Toll Free: 800-922-8477

      Pennsylvania Ombudsman Program

      Pennsylvania’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program protects and promotes the rights and quality of life for nursing home residents. You can report your suspicions of nursing home abuse to the local Ombudsman’s office.  Your report will then prompt a state investigation into the allegations.

      Phone: 717-783-8975
      Website: www.aging.state.pa.us/aging

      New Jersey Ombudsman Program

      The New Jersey Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly protects the health, safety, welfare, and civil and human rights of older individuals in institutions. To file a complaint, you may call the toll free intake line at 877-582-6995.

      You may also email your complaint to ombudsman@advocate.state.nj.us or write to the following address:

      The Office of the Ombudsman
      P.O. Box 852
      Trenton, NJ 08625-0852
      Fax: 609-943-3479

      Other Online Resources

      Administration on Aging – This is a federal government agency that provides information to the elderly and their families on age-related issues.

      National Institute on Aging – This is a federal agency of the National Institutes of Health that promotes healthy aging by supporting and conducting research and public education on aging issues.

      Medicare and Medicaid – If you have questions about Medicare, you can call the toll free number at 800-633-4227.

      Pennsylvania Medicaid – If you are a PA resident and have questions or concerns regarding the state’s Medicaid program, call the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare at 800-692-7462.

      New Jersey Medicaid – If you are a NJ resident and have questions or concerns regarding the Medicaid program, call 800-356-1561.

      Reviewed and updated: April 24, 2020

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