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      Philadelphia Car Accident Law Library

      Philadelphia Car, Truck & Pedestrian Accident Law Firm

      Namerow Law handles auto injury cases in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties including Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, etc. Our car accident lawyers provide client-centered representation and strive to achieve the best possible results in car, truck, pedestrian and bike accidents. The legal information provided below is no substitute for legal advice. Call our firm for a free consultation at (215) 985-0777.

      Most Recent Car Accident Law Posts

      Philadelphia Car Accident Law Info

      Philadelphia Car Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries [Brain injuries often occur after a serious impact car accident in Philadelphia. Even mild brain injuries can result in serious, long-lasting symptoms. Injured victims can receive financial recovery for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering after a car accident.]

      Philadelphia Pedestrian Car Accidents – Who Pays the Medical Bills? [Pedestrian accidents are very common in Philadelphia, especially in Center City, Old City and West Philadelphia. Pedestrians can recover for their damages and are not bound by limited tort law.]

      Philadelphia Car Accidents – Compensation for Multiple Injured Parties [What happens when a single car accident results in injuries to multiple people? Can they all recover for their injuries? What are the limitations, if any?]

      What Happens When a Philadelphia Driver is in a Car Accident in New Jersey? [Philadelphia residents are often in New Jersey for work or to hang out at the Jersey Shore. When a Philadelphia resident gets into a car accident in NJ, they are often bound by NJ law (AKA: Deemer Law) that limits what an injured victim can recover.]

      Philadelphia, PA Car Accidents – What Damages Can Injured Victims Recover? [This article discusses the types of damages an injured driver or passenger can recover after a car accident in Philadelphia. Medical bills, out of pocket expenses, household help and lost wages are the most common claims for financial compensation.]

      Philadelphia Car Accidents – What is Underinsured Motorist/Uninsured Motorist (UIM/UM) Coverage? [Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is one of the most important types of auto insurance claims after a serious car accident in Philadelphia. It’s a type of coverage that most people know nothing about. Oftentimes, people opt out of this coverage when buying auto insurance.]

      Philadelphia, PA Car Accidents – What You Need to Know About Limited Tort  [Limited tort law is one of the most complex laws that affect an injured car accident victim’s rights to recover after a car accident in Philadelphia. If you selected limited tort on your OWN car insurance policy, you may be limited when it comes time to make claims for financial recovery after a car accident that’s caused by another driver.]

      Car, truck and pedestrian accident cases accepted in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and throughout other parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. FREE CONSULTATIONS (215) 985-0777