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      Nursing Homes in the Philadelphia Area – A Summary

      In the Philadelphia suburban area, there are a total of 169 nursing home facilities which are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. These facilities mostly include long term care facilities for elderly residents as well as several transitional care facilities.

      Number of Licensed Nursing Home Facilities in the Philadelphia Suburban Area

      CountyNumber of Nursing Homes

      Philadelphia County Nursing Homes

      There are 47 licensed nursing homes inside the city limits of Philadelphia:

      • 4 large (270+ beds)
      • 11 small (0-119 beds)
      • 32 medium (120-269 beds)

      About half operate for profit (22), 23 are non-profit, and 2 are operated by the county or state. The largest nursing home has over 450 beds (operated by the county). The smallest home has 21 beds and is located at 8th and Spruce in Philadelphia.

      The average number of hours of direct care from nursing staff per resident for all nursing homes in Philadelphia County: 3.30.

      *State regulations require that nursing home facilities provide a minimum of 2.7 hours of direct care from the nursing staff each day, per resident.

      Montgomery County Nursing Homes

      There are 61 licensed nursing homes in Montgomery County, which includes Norristown. Of the total number of nursing homes, a little over half (32) are for-profit and 29 are non-profit.

      The total number of nursing homes in Montgomery County is broken down as follows: 4 large, 24 medium, 33 small. The largest nursing home has 467 beds and is located in Royersford, and the smallest nursing home (transitional facility) has 21 beds.

      The average number of hours of direct care per resident for all nursing homes in Montgomery County: 3.55.

      Delaware County Nursing Homes

      There are 29 licensed nursing homes in Delaware County, which includes Media. Of the total number of nursing homes, about half (15) are for-profit and 13 are non-profit. One is operated by the county.

      The largest nursing home in Delaware County is located in Broomall with just under 300 beds.

      The average number of hours of direct care per resident in Delaware County: 3.75.

      Bucks County Nursing Homes

      There are 32 licensed nursing homes in Bucks County, which includes Doylestown. About half are for profit and the other half are non-profit. Oneis operated by the county and is the largest nursing home in Bucks County (Warrington) with 360 beds.

      The average number of hours of direct care per resident in Bucks County: 3.61.

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      *Data current as of July 15, 2014

      Nursing home abuse and injury cases accepted in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and throughout other parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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