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      Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania: A Sad, but Real Reality

      Due to the aging of the baby boom generation, the number of elderly people being placed in Pennsylvania nursing homes has significantly increased in recent years.  According to the Pennsylvania State Data Center, Pennsylvania has one of the oldest populations in the country.  People over the age of 65 account for 16% of the state’s population, which ranks 4th nationally in the percentage of residents aged 65 and over.

      For many people, placing a loved one, i.e., a parent, grandparent, disabled sibling or spouse in a nursing home is probably one of the hardest decisions they have to make.  Due to the physical or medical condition of their loved ones, care may be needed at all times.  Family members may no longer be able to care for their loved ones round-the-clock due to other obligations, such as work.  Due to media reports of nursing home abuse and neglect, the decision is especially challenging because family members want to make sure their loved ones are well cared for and not abused by nursing home employees.

      Just last week, there was a story in the media about employees abusing residents in a nursing home.  Three nursing home workers were jailed after abusing elderly residents, and a fourth worker was given a community sentence.  Though the nursing home was in England, it made headlines because of the workers’ extreme abuse. *Source: The Guardian (Hillcroft nursing home care workers jailed for abusing elderly residents)

      Elderly patients with dementia in the nursing home were repeatedly tormented, abused and bullied because they could not remember the abuse.  One elderly man’s foot was deliberately stamped on, and another was nearly tipped out of his wheelchair.  The residents/victims were also pelted with bean bags and balls thrown at their heads “for entertainment.”

      Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania

      When family members hear about this kind of nursing home abuse, they are even more concerned about their loved ones in nursing homes.  There are some warning signs of abuse by care takers in nursing homes that family members of nursing home residents can look out for.  Some of the warning signs include:

      • open wounds or cuts,
      • new bruises or welts,
      • bed sores and ulcers,
      • rapid weight loss, and
      • frequent accidents and injuries, such as broken bones.

      Abused Nursing Home Residents’ Rights in Pennsylvania

      If you suspect your loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse, you should report your suspicions to the nursing home administrator.  You should also contact an experienced PA nursing home abuse lawyer who can help guide you and explain your loved one’s legal rights.

      In addition, you should contact Pennsylvania’s Ombudsman’s Office to report the abuse.  Once a complaint is received, a state investigation will begin.  Each county has a local Ombudsman’s office where you can report suspected nursing home abuse.

      For nursing home abuse in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks counties, call the respective numbers below to file a report.

      Bucks County Area Agency on Aging
      30 East Oakland AvenueDoylestown, PA 18901-4681
      (267) 880-5716
      Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA)
      206 Eddystone Avenue, 2nd Floor
      Eddystone, PA 19022-1594
      (610) 490-1300 / (800) 416-4504
      Montgomery County Aging & Adult Services
      Human Services Center
      1430 DeKalb Street, 2nd Floor
      Norristown, PA 19404-0311(610) 278-3601
      Philadelphia – CARIE
      North Central/South/West
      100 South Broad Street, Suite 1500
      Philadelphia, PA 19119(215) 545-5724
      Website: www.carie.org
      Philadelphia – Center in the Park
      Northeast/ Northwest
      5818 Germantown Avenue
      Philadelphia, PA 19144(215) 848-4015
      Website: www.centerinthepark.org

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      Pennsylvania & New Jersey Nursing Home Accident & Abuse Lawyers

      If you or a loved one was abused in a nursing home or other care facility in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, please call our nursing home abuse and negligence lawyers for a free, no obligation consultation. (215) 985-0777

      Our lawyers are skilled at handling nursing home negligence, abuse and assault cases in the Pennsylvania area, including Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Bucks County. Our lawyers also handle nursing home accident cases in the New Jersey area.

      *DISCLAIMER: This website does not create any attorney-client relationship or provide legal advice. Our lawyers provide legal advice only after accepting a case. It is imperative that any action taken is done on advice of counsel. Since each case is unique, discussion of prior outcomes and settlements in past cases is no guarantee of a similar outcome in current or future cases. Contacting our lawyers via the email contact form on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through the contact form.

      Nursing home abuse and injury cases accepted in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and throughout other parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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